Out o' Tune Piano

Off base. Off-key. Off the beaten path.

In the corner of a dark room sat an old, beat-up Waltham upright player piano. Years of abuse and neglect in the cold northwoods had worn the once pristine strings and hammers to a shell of their former selves. The wood finish had darkened and faded, rendering the instrument almost unrecognizable. Some of its inner mechanisms were broken. The tune it now sang was tone-deaf and dull, the result of thousands of fingers dancing across its keys over the decades. Its heyday had passed, and not much more than memories remained. But it still had life in it yet. It had one more performance to give.

The Out o' Tune Piano is a virtual instrument produced by Daniel Grayvold with invaluable help from Jonah Mueller. Recreating the worn, aged sound of a well-worn upright piano, its quirky and unusual timbre makes it perfect for use in a variety of genres, from horror and mystery to action and comedy. The mod wheel controls the chosen dynamic layer (either piano or forte). Three reverbs are included with the instrument--small, large, and reverse--to allow for quick setup. Though it works very well as an effect layered into a track, it has a surpising tendency to give heartfelt and melodic spotlight performances if played in just the right way.

Out o' Tune Piano

The Out o' Tune Piano comes in the Kontakt NKI format. A full license of Kontakt 5.6.1 or newer is required. An EXS24 version is in the works. The instrument is completely free, no newsletter signup or email needed! However, feel free to contact Daniel with questions or comments. Let him know if you made something with his instrument!