Other Work


Woman standing in field at sunset

Daniel enjoys photography as his main visual hobby. Much like his work in creative sound, he finds inspiration in observing the work of others and using everything that he learns to experiment and find new ways to express a subject. Explore a selection of Daniel's work here.

Evening of Music Series

Daniel is the creator of a concert series wherein all of the selections revolve around composers' interpretations of a broad central theme. He joins musicians local to the host venue in performing these selections, which range from famous classical works to modern songs; at least one of the pieces for each concert is composed by Daniel himself.

The concerts are free for the public to attend and are designed to present different perspectives and styles of music to people that may not otherwise ever be exposed to them. Learn more about the series here.

Cinematography & Screenwriting

In 2014, Daniel helped to create a short film with friends for a final project in his film studies course at Michigan Tech. In addition to writing the script for this project, he also served as the cinematographer, shooting nearly all of the footage himself. The film can be viewed in its entirety here.

Daniel is currently working on multiple other scripts, some of which he plans to produce in the future.


During his later years at Michigan Technological University, Daniel had been involved with the CinOptic media enterprise. During his time with the group, he helped to create engaging content and developed invaluable communication skills. From projects such as work with the U.S. Forest Service to a green-screen photography event he spearheaded to promotional videos, interviews, and more, Daniel's time with this enterprise team was not wasted.

Web Design & Development

Daniel has dabbled with programming in many forms over the years. The primary result of this dabbling is the website you are now viewing, which he coded from scratch (no frameworks!) and updates as his knowledge increases. He occasionally calls upon this familiarity with programming concepts as needed for projects like the Out o' Tune Piano.

Learn more about Daniel's programming and web development experience here.

Recording Engineering

Throughout his college career, Daniel was involved with Above the Bridge Records, a student-run record label that recorded student and local musicians for free. During his time there (which included a position as public relations representative in his fourth year), he recorded such diverse talents as a ukulele/guitar singer/songwriter duo, a metal guitarist and drummer, and a trumpeter. Some of his work also included mixing the talent.

Additionally, Daniel recorded other groups as part of his curriculum at Tech. Such groups included a rock band and a full concert choir (which he also assisted in mixing and mastering). Here is one of the recording projects Daniel worked on, an acoustic version of "Hear You Me" performed by his friend Steve Klier. For this project he recorded and mixed all audio.

Radio Show Hosting

During his time at Michigan Tech, Daniel also hosted a two-hour radio show on the university station, WMTU. Titled "Eclectic Hours," Daniel would play a great variety of music ranging from soundtrack to metal to classical and everything in between.

In an attempt to give the locale the opportunity to hear something that they may not otherwise stumble upon themselves, Daniel would often avoid mainstream hits of the time. The result was two hours of sound that made little sense and often had no continuity but was an adventure to sit back and listen to.