This is Daniel.


Daniel's passion is to compose engaging music for various mediums, whether for video games, film, theater, audiodramas, or elsewhere. Never staying for too long in any one genre, he pulls from everything that he has experienced to create the best possible music for any dramatic work. He has written for a myriad of ensembles such as choir, orchestra, jazz quartet, and even handbell team. Often he will meld these traditional groups with electronic sources such as synths and samplers to create a composition that feels organic but is larger than life.

Sound Designer.

Not limiting his creative audio talent to music alone, Daniel creates sound designs that drive the audience to truly connect to the story and immerse them in the world. Of particular interest to him is the intersection of sound and technology. Whether he is creating virtual instruments from recordings he gathered, using those instruments and others to create music, or designing complex dynamic playback logic for theater shows, Daniel is always searching for ways to use any available tool to create better designs.


Daniel's love for music started early in his life, plinking away at the keys on a piano. Over a decade later, he now includes performance in his professional work. He has played for weddings, funerals, talent shows, and even solo concerts. Though the piano is his main instrument, he is never afraid to pick up some new instrument and learn it.

He earned his degree in Sound Design with a minor in Music Composition from Michigan Technological University in 2016. During his time there, he earned recognition for his work both in composition and sound design.